The Technology

Virtual Card is an intelligent system that employs NFC/BLE technology in access control systems. It consists of the main virtual card distribution server which is integrated with the access control system which in turn can be connected to the HR database. Virtual Card is not a physical item and it exists only as information in a mobile application.


Virtual Card solves problems associated with physical cards used in access control systems. Virtual Card system is a guarantee of enhancement and better security for all other identification and authorisation systems. We believe that in the future, virtual cards currently being introduced by banks among others, and used by their clients, will eventually eliminate the physical access cards. Traditional cards were susceptible to theft, unintentional loss or unauthorised use. Virtual card distribution, authorisation of use and revocation are performed at the server level and does not require any physical carrier beside a smartphone. It is that simple!

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The goal was to create and implement a system that would integrate the existing IT components already functioning at mBank such as HR and MDM with the AEOS access control and writing of an application compatible with Samsung mobile devices using NFC (HCE). After extensive testing of functional mobile applications we proposed Bluetooth Low Energy as an alternative communication medium with the readers.


We have created our own system starting with a server application that can integrate the client's HR and MDM applications and mobile apps and including individually designed readers using BLE/NFC/DESFIRE.
Our solution enables readers control from the level of the server. It is possible for example, to change the reading range from 1cm to 30 m with one click. In preparation for installation of our system it was necessary to replace the existing system of access control with one integrated, networked platform manufactured by NEDAP.

The Results

Within 10 months we have replaced the access control system in seven mBank centres in Poland, Slovakia and Czechia. We have activated over 420 BLE/NFC/DESFIRE readers. Over 3 000 employees daily appreciate the convenience and ease-of-use of our mobile solutions. Simplicity of having a mobile app on the phone ensures fast and easy access for authorised personnel. Flexible management of the range capacity of the readers (BLE) enables convenient acces to the parking area without the need pulling out the phone from your bag or pocket. Our successful implementation of such a system based on Android phones and BLE technology is unequalled on this scale in Europe and perhaps in the world.


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