About Us

Year 1989

Since the founding of our company we have been engaged in widely understood, technology based personal security of clients and protection of property. Our engineers routinely create advanced alarm systems integrated with our own monitoring centre, and we were the first firm in Poland to introduce a computerised management of intervention teams. Over the years, our company has experienced a dynamic growth and we have been able to introduce complex supervision systems which extend beyond the field of security and enable intelligent management of property and premises.

Present time

Modern buildings require multiple security and telecommunication systems compatible with users' needs.
Design, implementation and service of such systems is our field of expertise. Our current solutions allow for smartphones to replace cards or keys for access, lighting and temperature control, premises mapping, navigation on site, etc. We provide intelligent solutions that enhance security of large corporations, firms, institutions and individual clients. Advanced technologies offered by Altest improve the performance and strengthen the image of modern business organisations.

Employing the newest technological advances we are always one step ahead of Your needs.

We are always looking forward to working with you.